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El Paredon Surf Camp
Classes & Rental
Polo taking off
Polo grabbing the wall

Basically we have beach breaks and sandbars and the height of the waves vary in a range between 3-12 feet depending on the swells.

Our biggest waves can be surfed during our rainy season, between June and October, although the sandbars are constantly moving (due to the power and speed of the waves themselves), which makes them a bit technical. Between the months of December and April (although the average height is 3-6 feet) the sandbars are quite stable, offering the cleanest sessions.

Our waves can be catalogued as Fun Waves, but for Guatemala our spot can be catalogued as Regional Classic.

During the mornings we normally have an offshore wind, which turns the ocean glassy and creates nice and constant hollow left and right breaks. Around 11:00 a.m. the wind changes and blows south, which diminishes the quality of the wave, sometimes surfable, sometimes not. Most days at around 4 pm the wind slows down a bit and we have good conditions the rest of the afternoon. There is also a river mouth at some 600 meters from our camp.

Some surfers have reported stingrays, marine turtles, and dolphins, among many other species while surfing. It is quite common to see Pelicans "surfing" over the waves' lips early in the mornings and during late afternoons.

The peak season for big swell is normally April to September. However, March and November have very consistent head high to overhead swell with clean surf conditions. The offshores are typically strongest during March & April, so you might want to consider bringing a wetsuit top.